Weaving is an ancient textile art and craft that involves placing two sets of threads or
yarn made of fiber called the warp and weft of the loom and turning them into cloth.
                 a loom    is the frame that holds the warp threads
        aligned and under tension so that weaving can take place.
            The warp is all of the threads that
      are aligned vertically on a loom before
                              weaving begins.


              The weft is all of the horizontal
         threads that interlace with the vertically  aligned warp.

Rag Rug Making, an homage to function,
beauty and thrift. Turning old clothes
and other miscellaneous textiles into
 durable heirloom rugs.

 Made of all recycled fabrics chosen for colors and textures combined made completely by
hand utilizing a simple rudimentary loom,
honoring the art of craft. Prices vary according to size. Contact - rugs@www.ganlanmeng.cn
i am teaching a rag rug making class at
Sumner Adult Education the end of January
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